Exciting Updates

Here at CGN, we are incredibly excited to announce that the Narberth Borough has approved our request to build gardens on public space! As of now, the Giving Garden will be undergoing construction shortly, and we anticipate that the Community Garden will be open for planting in June. None of this would be possible without the emphatic support of the community at all levels- so thank you, Narberth! We are so grateful for these opportunities, and can’t wait to get growing.

Our Giving Garden will be located behind the Narberth library, and will consist of 8 raised garden beds, each 12 inches deep. These beds will be separated by wood chip paths for easy accessibility. We also plan to include several rain barrels in and around our garden. These will allow us to conserve water and keep excess rainwater out of the park and surrounding streets. As for the Community Garden, while we are still working out details about the site, we know it will be located in the parking lot adjacent to Sabine Park. The parking lot location allows the gardens to be easily navigated and accessible to all. The Community Garden will also consist of large, deep raised beds that will be tended by local gardeners who wish to grow their own food. Both gardens will be open to the public, and we invite anyone to come by and see what’s growing!

Finally, we are proud to announce that we have joined the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Harvest 2020 program. This is a new program that aims to address hunger and food security issues in the greater Philadelphia area by encouraging gardeners to plant extra crops. As of right now, 12% of households in the region suffer from food insecurity, and demand for fresh produce in food banks has tripled since 2019. PHS aims to mobilize 100,000 gardeners and share 5 million pounds of produce for those in need, and we are excited to join them in this mission. For more information, you can visit the top link on our Resources page, or click here: https://phsonline.org/harvest2020/overview.

Thanks again for your support. We can’t wait to see you in the gardens!

The Cooperative Gardens of Narberth team

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