CGN’s first year: a look back and a commitment to the future.

Seven months. It’s been seven months since the Cooperative Gardens of Narberth started- seven months of hard work, community, and plenty of weekly harvest sessions. In those seven months, we’ve established two gardens, one with the sole purpose of growing for donation, endured our fair share of leaky hoses, and built a network of gardeners,Continue reading “CGN’s first year: a look back and a commitment to the future.”

Fall Gardening Event Recap

On Sunday, August 23 we were thrilled to host our first community event in Narberth Park! In attendance were gardeners of all different skill levels, but who were all willing and eager to learn new information and share their own experiences. We loved talking with all of them, and had a great discussion about fallContinue reading “Fall Gardening Event Recap”

Maybrook and Beyond: Expanding our Grow Narberth efforts

Here at CGN, we are incredibly excited to welcome the Maybrook Apartments Community Garden as part of our Grow Narberth network! Currently, they have 25 gardeners and are planning to expand their garden this fall and into 2021 to dedicate more space to charitable growing. We’re so happy that the Maybrook garden is joining ourContinue reading “Maybrook and Beyond: Expanding our Grow Narberth efforts”

Community Garden In Full Bloom!

As we approach August, everyone here at CGN couldn’t be happier about the success of our Community Garden. Thanks to the efforts of our wonderful gardeners (and, finally, some rain!) we are proud to say that the beds are in full bloom- and look beautiful. Admittedly, after three weeks of extreme heat and water troubles,Continue reading “Community Garden In Full Bloom!”

How the Giving Garden Was Built

We are so thrilled that the Giving Garden is complete! The seeds and plants are busy soaking up the sun and being tended to daily by our dedicated team of volunteers. Soon the garden will be providing food for people in our community. We are so thankful to everyone who has helped out with theContinue reading “How the Giving Garden Was Built”

Giving Garden Update!

Such an exciting weekend! The Giving Garden beds have been built and installed on site behind the library. There are eight 4×4 foot beds, nice and deep at 12 inches to provide a cozy veggie home. The cardboard covering the ground between the beds will soon be covered with wood chips to keep mud downContinue reading “Giving Garden Update!”