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Winter Musings

As gardeners, we tend to overlook the importance of the winter months. The weeks of cold are simply a long break between when the last crops of the fall are harvested and the first of the spring can finally be planted. During this time, many of us step back from our outdoor plots and beds.Continue reading “Winter Musings”

CGN’s first year: a look back and a commitment to the future.

Seven months. It’s been seven months since the Cooperative Gardens of Narberth started- seven months of hard work, community, and plenty of weekly harvest sessions. In those seven months, we’ve established two gardens, one with the sole purpose of growing for donation, endured our fair share of leaky hoses, and built a network of gardeners,Continue reading “CGN’s first year: a look back and a commitment to the future.”

Maybrook and Beyond: Expanding our Grow Narberth efforts

Here at CGN, we are incredibly excited to welcome the Maybrook Apartments Community Garden as part of our Grow Narberth network! Currently, they have 25 gardeners and are planning to expand their garden this fall and into 2021 to dedicate more space to charitable growing. We’re so happy that the Maybrook garden is joining ourContinue reading “Maybrook and Beyond: Expanding our Grow Narberth efforts”

Garden Features

Calling all gardeners and Grow Narberth members! We’ve been busy posting our exciting new projects on social media, but we’d love to see your gardens as well. Every week, we’ll be featuring a different home gardener on our social media platforms. If you’d like to be included, please reach out! You can message us onContinue reading “Garden Features”

Exciting Updates

Here at CGN, we are incredibly excited to announce that the Narberth Borough has approved our request to build gardens on public space! As of now, the Giving Garden will be undergoing construction shortly, and we anticipate that the Community Garden will be open for planting in June. None of this would be possible withoutContinue reading “Exciting Updates”


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